Forecast & Analysis

Current biogeochemical sea water conditions (past 10 days) and 10-day forecast updated on:

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Short name Extended Name  Unit Description
PO4 Phosphate mmolP·m-3 Concentration of phosphate in sea water
NO3 Nitrate mmolN·m-3 Concentration of nitrate in sea water
O2 Oxygen mmolO·m-3 Concentration of dissolved oxygen in sea water
PhytoC Phytoplankton biomass mmolC·m-3 Biomass of phytoplankton
Chla Chlorophyll mg·m-3 Concentration of total chlorophyll in sea water
NPP Net Primary Production mmolC·m⁠-3·day⁠-1 Net Primary Production (photosynthesis – phytoplankton respiration)


Seawater acidity [-] pH at insitu condition and reported on total scale
pCO2 Seawater pCO2 ppm Partial pressure of carbon dioxide in sea water
Sal Salinity [-] Salinity
T Temperature °C



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