We present the short-term forecasts of the biogeochiemical status of the Mediterranean Sea. Data are produced by the OGS ECHO research group by means of the 3DVAR-OGSTM-BFM model system, using as physical forcing the output of the MED-MFC currents products managed by the INGV Production Unit. The forecasting system is automatically run at the CINECA supercomputing centre (Bologna, Italy). Ten days of forecast are produced twice per week, and data assimilation of surface chlorophyll satellite observations (provided by the CMEMS-OCTAC managed by GOS-ISAC-CNR) is performed once a week.

The biogeochemistry system presented on MedEAF website is composed by several steps:

  1. Pre-processing: download and preparation of dependencies (physical forcings, satellite surface chlorophyll satellite observations and 7 days- centred average,  boundary conditions, atmospheric forcing);
  2. Data assimilation: a variational scheme (3DVAR) for the assimilation of surface chlorophyll observations is performed;
  3. Model run: the biogeochemical model is the OGSTM-BFM. The model run is composed by: 1 day of analysis (with data assimilation), 6 days of hindcast and 10 days of forecast for the Wednesday run; 7 days of hindcast and 10 days of forecast for the Saturday run;
  4. Post- processing: the model output is processed in order to obtain the products for the CMEMSMyOcean catalogue.

Additional information on 3DVAR-OGSTM-BFM model system.

The Med-biogeochemistry system consists of the 3DVAR-OGSTM-BFM model (paper 1, 2, 3, 4).

OGSTM-BFM is designed with a transport model based on the OPA system and a biogeochemical reactor featuring the Biogeochemical Flux Model (BFM), while 3DVAR is the data assimilation scheme for the correction of phytoplankton functional type variables.

Fig.1 - Scheme of the BFM model

More information in the Quality Information Document for Med biogeochemistry analysis and forecast product

For any additional information regarding the forecasting model browse the specific section or please contact echo@inogs.it